Autoclave 12L


This product is for a brand new portable stainless steel pressure steam sterilizer is one of best in the same grade sterilizer. It uses saturated steam to rapidly and efficiently sterilize articles.

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Chamber Size:
Stainlesssteel; 12liter ; (Ø)25cmX(D)35cm
Machine Size: (L)58cmX(W)39cmX(H)36cm

Power Consumption:
AC110V/900W/8A ; AC220V/900W/4A
Temp/pressure / Sterilization time
121℃/0.12Mpa/25Min ; 134℃/0.22Mpa/6Min
Safety Devices: over heat protection , safety valve

Temp Control Design:
chip control temperature

Optional Accessories:
Tray bask X1pc
Tray lulling holder X1pc
Sterilization tray X3pcs
Steam exhaust pipe X1pc


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