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Helps practitioner maintain correct posture.

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A dental stool is an essential piece of equipment for any dental office. Dental stools allow the dentist to look at a patient’s mouth easily and effectively. They provide the dentists with a platform from which they can diagnose patients as well as take further action to perform procedures and cleanings.
Dental stools help the dentist, as well as dental assistants easily access and assess the patient while at the same time remain comfortable. As the patients come and go throughout the day, the amount of time a dentist/dental assistant spends in the chair can vary. Therefore, a good dental stool must provide comfort as well as durability & easy functioning.
One can easily see how dental stools are a very important asset to any dental operatory. Because this piece of equipment not only provides functionality but helps to protect staff from muscular/skeletal problems, it is important to consider several factors when purchasing a dental stool:

⦁ It is important to choose a dental stool that provides lumbar and joint support
⦁ It is important to choose a dental stool that has proper adjustment options
⦁ Choose a dental stool that is durable

Product description:

Our dental stool is designed to flex, conform and adjust to your every move, for total all-day comfort and support. It’s the pinnacle of ergonomic engineering.


Tilt Seat
Distributes weight from seat to feet allowing proper circulation.

Contoured Backrest
Cradles the spine, while encouraging blood flow. Contoured backrest is standard on the A-dec 521 doctor’s stool and optional on the A-dec 522 assistant’s stool.

Whisper Quiet Casters
New design provides smooth, ultra-quiet movement on both carpet and hard flooring.

Adjustment Controls
Numbered paddles are easy to access for quick adjustments and easy

Backrest Height Control
A push button makes access and one handed adjustments easy.

Minimal seams make clean up easy.

Standard Foot Ring (A-dec 522 Assistant’s Stool)
Helps practitioner maintain correct posture.


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