Digital X-Ray Sensor


Produces high-resolution images, the need for external devices directly to a computer.

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Provides a new method in two dimensions, the new CMOS technology to produce high-resolution images, the need for external devices directly to a computer, to meet the stringent modern dental clinics Claim.

Product Description:

We offer first-class sensor, CMOS chip, used in combination with high-frequency X-ray machines, image clearer, more delicate. Edlen EDR theoretical resolution of 27 lp / mm, is one of the industry’s highest, true resolution of 20 lp / mm. Sensor as a complete stand-alone products, compact sealed package includes tails, USB connector and user-friendly software, including a TWAIN driver, compatible with Kodak, Sirona, GENDEX, SCHICK, etc. (LynxVision apply 10 kinds different languages). It requires no external interface and power supply. All noise electrons are moved to a position sensor performance can be improved, so that the picture quality has been improved significantly.


Our EDR sensor exhibits ultra low noise level alone. All noise of manufacturing hardware has been moved to the USB interface, eliminating the electrical noise and improve the picture quality. The execution of our active pixel sensor (APS) reduced electronic noise, while greatly improving the picture quality. At the system level, Gemini sensor with low noise levels from our superior CMOS detectors, just before the minimum processing and image enhancement software. Our high dynamic range, even at lower X-ray dose, but also to provide high-quality images to support dental diagnosis. The resolution of the original image on each image will remain high detail.



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