Film Holder Cone Indicator


To set angle for x ray machine Sizes: adult and child Qty: 3 per package.

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CONE Film Holder is a product used to help set the angle of X-rays dental equipment, resulting in standardized and clear radiographic images.

Box with 1 kit, Each kit contains:


  • Positioner for upper and lower incisors and canines.
  • Positioner right upper molar and lower left molar.
  • Positioner left upper molar and lower right molar.
  • Positioner for BITE WINGS interproximal radiographs.
  • Pot for storage.
  • Bite device (03 units).




  • Used to position radiographic films
  • Clear photographic image
  • Saves time and radiographic films
  • Periapical diagnostic
  • Available at Adult, Child and Universal sizes


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