Bite Wing Autoclavable


Dental equipment used for holding the tooths during an operation.
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The Bite Wing Maquira Positioner is a product used to help in orientation of the angle of the X-ray dental machine, allowing the performance of bitewing radiographs, which is indicated for precise and perfect view of the crowns of the posterior teeth, the premolars and molars of right and left sides.


Bite-Wing provides right angle positioning for intraoral dental x-ray film during anterior, posterior, and bite-wing exams. The Dental X-Ray Positioning System assures correct film and cone alignment and prevents “cone cutting.” Bite Blocks feature rounded corners and are flexible for easy loading and unloading while tabs ensure film and phosphor plates will not fall out during x-rays. The RAPD Kit may be used with any brand and size (0-3) dental film and features unique color coding for easy and correct instrument assembly.

The Right Angle Positioning Device Paralleling Kit with Bite-Wing includes: 4 Aiming Rings (2 Anterior/Bite-Wing and 2 Posterior), 4 Indicator Arms (1 Anterior, 1 Bite-Wing, and 2 Posterior), and 16 Bite Blocks (4 Anterior, 8 Posterior, and 4 Bite-Wing). Each piece of the RAPiD Kit can be sterilized using a steam autoclave. Use of the autoclave’s drying cycle is not recommended, nor is the use of ultrasonic cleaners, cold sterilizing solutions, or other chemical treatments. Flow Dental Positioning Devices are proudly made in the USA.




  • Used to position radiographic films
  • Clear photographic image
  • Saves time and radiographic films
  • Periapical diagnostic
  • Available at Adult, Child and Universal sizes
    • Box with 1 kit
    • Bite device (1 units)


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