Bone Rongeur


Used for trimming and removal of excess alveolar bone after extraction.

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A strongly constructed instrument with a sharp-edged, scoop-shaped tip, used for gouging out bone.

  • A rongeur is also used in oral maxillofacial surgery. It is also used in hand surgery to cut traumatic amputated bone to allow skin to be closed over the defect
  • A rongeur can also be used in cadaver dissection lab to break through ribs when removing the anterior chest wall


Fundamental points:

All instruments are to be cleaned and sterilized prior to each use. In addition, cleaning and sterilization is also required for the first use of non-sterile instruments after removal from the protective packaging. Effective cleaning and is an indispensable requirement for proper instrument sterilization.

The user is responsible for the sterility of the instruments. Therefore, please ensure that only validated procedures are used for cleaning and sterilization. The sterilization equipment must also be maintained and checked regularly, as well as the validated parameters applied to each cleaning and sterilization cycle.


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