Hand Scaler


Creating shockwaves that disrupt bacterial cells or using turbulence to disrupt biofilms.

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Used to clean plaque and calculus from the tooth root surface. Unless the root is clean the gum will not re-attach. The back surface of the scaler is blunt to minimise damage to the sensitive gingivae. This instrument is double-ended and has a balanced grip for extra comfort in use.

A sickle hand scaler – the scythe shape fits the curved tooth surface. A double ended instrument – each end being the mirror image with opposite complementary curvature – left and right. Hand scalers have a sharp tip and a more robust working end compared to a curette. A balanced grip handle which has a large diameter for comfortable grip and good control. Uses Scaling teeth above the gum line ONLY, i.e. supragingival, so removing calculus (tartar)

Fundamental points:

All instruments are to be cleaned and sterilized prior to each use. In addition, cleaning and sterilization is also required for the first use of non-sterile instruments after removal from the protective packaging. Effective cleaning and is an indispensable requirement for proper instrument sterilization.

The user is responsible for the sterility of the instruments. Therefore, please ensure that only validated procedures are used for cleaning and sterilization. The sterilization equipment must also be maintained and checked regularly, as well as the validated parameters applied to each cleaning and sterilization cycle.


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