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Delivers enhanced performance with the reliability.

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Product Description:

. Working air pressure:0.2-0.25MPa(0.22MPa preferred)

. Rotation speed(torque handpiece):over 280000 R.P.M (standard handpiece):over 350000 R.P.M.
. Bur applicable:1.595-1.600mm
. Spray: single water spray




– High speed triple spray handpiece
– 4-hole standard handpiece
– It has unique appearance design and fluent outline.
– Smooth as silk, it has excellent texture.
– With people-friendly design, easy for operation.
– With high-speed turbine rotation, it has better performances.
– Chucking power of chucking needle is 20N-45N.
– It is noise-free and stable.
– Applicable Bur: 1.6mm and should be conformed to ISO standard.
– Idling speed of handpiece should be no less than 370,000 rotations under working air pressure of 25-30 pressure atmosphere.
– Special for operations such as clamping high-speed dentistry machine needle to drill and grind teeth in department of stomatology, it is more professional.
– It is only for people who have dentistry medical qualification.


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