Liner(calcium hydroxide)


Produces rigid film, recommended for the pulpal coping and protective.

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Liner is a composition of calcium hydroxide, being chemically activated by the mixture of the base and the catalyst, which produces a fine, rigid film, recommended for the pulpal coping and protective inside covering when restorative material, cements and other materials are used.


More information:

The composition does not inhibit the polymerization of the acrylic restorations and the composites; it has high resistance to the dissolution by the phosphoric acid used in the technique of the acid conditioning, and it has an excellent solubility in water. It can be used as chemical and mechanical barrier in deep cavities and as temporary cementation material of acrylic provisional treatments.

The working and setting times vary according to the temperature changes: with the humidity increase and the higher temperature, the available work time and the setting time are reduced. On the contrary, the decrease of the humidity and the lower temperature increase the available work time and the one of the setting. Under normal environmental conditions, the material will get the setting, in two to two minutes and a half, over the mixture pad. The setting time is shorter in the mouth.



Liner Kit:

  • 1 tube of base paste (13g)
  • 1 tube of catalyst paste (11g)
  • 1 mixing pad
  • Instructions for use

Some important properties of the Liner:

  • Low solubility
  • Good flowing out when it gets in touch with the bottom of the cavity
  • Resistance to high compression
  • Radiopaque
  • Low sensitive to the storage


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