Magic Acid Kit -3Syringes


Phosphoric acid for enamel etching which leaves no residue.

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  • Bonding to tooth structure
  • Macro-mechanical attachment, Chemical bonding, Micro-mechanical attachment, Interpenetration (Hybrid layer) Bonding Approaches to Tooth Structure
  • Adhesive bonding
  • Clinical Applications, Bonded resin composite restorations, Bonded amalgam restoration, Cementing indirect ceramic restorations, Root canal posts and direct resin core build-ups, Glass ionomer restoration and cementation, Bonding of orthodontic brackets, Application of pits and fissures sealant
  • Chemical Bonding Both PAA or phosphates-containing bonding agents can achieve chemical bond to HA, Micro-mechanical retention (Acid etching) Adhesive Bonding to Tooth Enamel Benefits of acid etching
  • Creating surface micro-irregularities
  • Increases the bonding surface area
  • Removes surface debris and stains
  • Increase the surface free energy Types of acids to be used, 30-50% phosphoric acid (liquid or gel), 10% Maleic acid, 2.5% Nitric acid, 8% Hydrochloric acid


  • Great consistency – does not drip from the tooth surface.
  • Color contrast to the tooth structure.
  • Easily washable cavity (water soluble).
  • PH compatible with the tooth structure enamel and dentin.
  • Economic Package, an average of 250 applications.

Included Items:

  • 2.5ml syringe with two applicator tips.


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