Root Elevator Cryer


Fine, sharp and left sided , Also available as right sided.

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For releasing the ligaments around the neck of the tooth, and to facilitate the extraction.

The patented handle’s perfectly smooth surface guarantees the highest degree of cleanliness biological material is difficult to remove from traditional instrument knurled handles (handles). Elevator Cyrer ™ handle is easy to clean and allow effective sterilization. Root Elevator Cyrer are manufactured with superior quality stainless steels containing a very high percentage of nickel-chromium for a perfect and complete resistance to rust and corrosion.

Periodontal and surgical instruments hollow handles are made with a large diameter stainless steel. The result is very light, precise and comfortable instruments that can be used for long periods of time without causing hand fatigue. hollow handle stainless steel 6 and 3 mm. The peaks (spikes) are manufactured with a special high grade stainless steel and particular hardening process to ensures long (blade). ‘shaping is made with high precision molds.


Fundamental points:

All instruments are to be cleaned and sterilized prior to each use. In addition, cleaning and sterilization is also required for the first use of non-sterile instruments after removal from the protective packaging. Effective cleaning and is an indispensable requirement for proper instrument sterilization.

The user is responsible for the sterility of the instruments. Therefore, please ensure that only validated procedures are used for cleaning and sterilization. The sterilization equipment must also be maintained and checked regularly, as well as the validated parameters applied to each cleaning and sterilization cycle.


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