Spoon Excavators


Mainly used for the removal of the tooth debris and decayed dentin from the tooth cavities.

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Are mainly used for the removal of the tooth debris and decayed dentin from the tooth cavities. Usually the paired instruments are used for the purpose of excavation of the tooth.

They are further categorised by their sizes:

  • The small spoon excavation tool has a diameter of 1 mm, this instruments is chiefly used in smaller tooth cavities and for the cleaning the enamel or dental junction. As this is a fragile instrument, a low force is used while excavating to prevent damages.
  • The diameter of the other spoons is about 1.5mm. This is chiefly used for removing soft caries from larger cavities. Mixed restorative material can be pushed in the cavity using the rounded surface excavator.

Types of Excavators: R 69.99 each

  • Spoon Excavator
  • Spoon Excavator Straight


Fundamental points:

All instruments are to be cleaned and sterilized prior to each use. In addition, cleaning and sterilization is also required for the first use of non-sterile instruments after removal from the protective packaging. Effective cleaning and is an indispensable requirement for proper instrument sterilization.

The user is responsible for the sterility of the instruments. Therefore, please ensure that only validated procedures are used for cleaning and sterilization. The sterilization equipment must also be maintained and checked regularly, as well as the validated parameters applied to each cleaning and sterilization cycle.


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