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Eugenol works as an analgesic for patients with extra sensitivity.

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TempoCem has a zinc oxide/eugenol formula designed for use with all types of provisionals. The added eugenol works as an analgesic for patients with extra sensitivity.

Features and Benefits:

  • Can be used for all types of provisionals.
  • Presence of eugenol provides a desensitizing effect on tooth.
  • TempoCem resists forces of mastication.
  • Securely retains the restoration and maintains patient comfort.
  • Is flexible under the crown for easy removal of the temporary.
  • Increases stability of cement in the mouth.
  • Protects the gingival tissue. 300+% radiopacity
  • Visible on an x-ray.
  • Permits precise placement of cement and easy placement of the temporary.
  • Protects pulp.
  • For greater patient comfort.
  • More economical.


  • Composition Zinc oxide – eugenol
  • Working time at room temperature 1 minute
  • Setting time in the mouth 4 minutes
  • Compressive Strength <=35MPa


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